The Buried In Treasures (BIT) Workshop

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What is BIT Workshop?  

The Buried in Treasures (BIT) workshop is based on the book, Buried in Treasures: Help for Compulsive Acquiring, and Saving, and Hoarding (2ndEdition, 2014) written by Drs. Tolin, Frost, and Steketee.  


Participants will meet for two hours for 8 weeks to learn tips on how to

de-clutter and stop over-acquiring with people who know what it’s like in a judgment-free supportive environment.  We’ll also check-in with our individual progress, challenges, successes, and goals. 


This is a workshop for people who are ready to live a life less-cluttered. 


Does this program work? 

Research conducted by Frost, Pekorava-Kochergina, & Maxner in 2011 and Frost, Ruby, & Shuer in 2012 show that participation in the Buried in Treasures Workshop decreases symptoms of hoarding, helps to reduce clutter, and improves people’s ability to use their homes.  


You can obtain copies of clinical research papers by contacting Mutual Support at www.mutual-support.com

What do you need to prepare for the workshop?

As homework for each week includes readings and exercises from the Buried In Treasure, you need to purchase your own copy of the book.   You can purchase it at Amazon by clicking this link.

My powerful Allies  


My co-facilitator, Kathleen D. Crombie, MA, MEd, is a Mental Health Specialist, Professional Organizer, and the founder of In Order to…Organize.  You can learn more about Kathleen by visiting her website.


Glenview Counseling Group is a team of clinicians working with individuals, couples, children, young adults and their families.  The group offers treatments for those who struggle with hoarding behaviors.  The Group kindly offered us one of their meeting rooms for our workshop.  To learn more about their services, you can visit their website


Chicagoland Hoarding Task Force (https://chicagohoarding.org/) provides support, training, and consultation to agencies, departments, clinics, and individuals who are committed to helping those impacted by hoarding.  


The CHTF provides us, BIT Facilitators, in Chicagoland ongoing support and resources. 


Get in touch!