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Virtual Coaching

When you bring your life challenge, we figure out how to best achieve your objectives and create strategies and processes that work for your brain. 

Virtual Organizing Encourages Ongoing

Progress and Accountability

Virtual organizing sessions are more than just organizing space. These private sessions can be highly customizable to your needs. For example, you want to complete a big project but don't know how to start, manage your time better because you are always late for appointments, create a new healthy routine because you were just diagnosed with prediabetes, or develop a house management system because you feel your life is so chaotic. When you bring your life challenge, I will teach you applicable skills if needed, and we figure out how to best achieve your objectives and create strategies and processes that work for your brain. 


Of course, there are many reasons to consider virtual service to organize your space! It is a safer option to collaborate with an organizing and productivity expert. It is also easier to schedule one hour of your time and more economical. These short, focused, manageable sessions can be an excellent fit for people with ADHD and chronic disorganization challenges. 

What Are the Benefits of Virtual Organizing?

Chaotic to calm: We work based on realistic and attainable goals we set together. 

Safe and comfortable: It provides a safer and more relaxed environment to collaborate, and you may feel more comfortable because you can control what to share and not in your space. 

Creates neuroplasticity brain development: You will learn organizing and productivity skills by interacting, reflecting, making connections, and applying the organizing concept in real time.

Collaboration with an expert: I am a trained and certified professional organizer and coach specializing in working with people with chronic disorganization. I am just one click away if you can't find any qualified organizer in your area. 

More economical: It is much more economical than paying for the on-site organizing service. 

Even though virtual service offers excellent benefits, it is NOT for everyone. Find out if you are a good candidate for our virtual service to organize your space. 


You ARE a good fit for virtual organizing your space...

✅ You are comfortable with using a smartphone and         


✅ You want to learn organizing/productivity skills 


✅ You are DIYers and need some expert to guide you

       through the process


✅ You are committed to do work between sessions 


✅ You are open and willing to experiment with new ways

      of doing things

✅ You need accountability, support, and encouragement

      to get things done 

You are NOT a good fit for virtual organizing your space...

❌ You don't have a smartphone or computer or can't use Zoom or Facetime.

❌ You are looking for a shortcut 

❌ You have a physical limitation of moving or carrying things independently, and you don't have anyone to assist you during the one-hour session. 

❌ You are not willing to do the work between sessions


❌ You are looking for someone else to organize for you. 


❌ You need to organize or complete a project with a tight deadline 

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