Get Things Done in 7 Steps

Do you find it hard to get started what you need to do, not to mention complete it? 


Completing a big project is difficult even for a neurotypical brain.   Imagine you are jogging up a hill.  You have to push your body hard to get to the top. If you have a brain-based condition such as ADHD, it is like going up the hill with 50 lbs. Weight on your back.  


Why is it extra challenging to start a project or change a habit for people with ADHD?   Because these activities require Executive Functions in our brain.  Dr. Thomas Brown, a leading expert in assessment and treatment of ADHD, says that there are six aspects of executive functions: Activation, Focus, Effort, Emotions, Memory, and Action. If you have ADHD, you have challenges in a few or all of these aspects of executive functions. 


It does not mean that you can't complete a project ever or make any changes in your life.  The 7 Steps to Spark Action for ADHD Brain is a tool to help you go through a process from getting started and completing it while learning more about how your brain works.    


The 7 Steps to Spark Action for ADHD Brain will help you: 


  • Get started, sustain your effort, and complete a project 

  • Learn critical skills and steps to get your project done

  • Discover your strengths, tendency, and missing productivity skills

  • Clarify your goals 

  • Address how to increase your motivation and energy 

  • Practice techniques to improve your attention and focus 


Are you ready to get some spark?   

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