Welcome to our discovery session​​

Thank you for taking the very first step to schedule this meeting!  I know you are busy and I want to respect your time. 

So here's what you can expect from our first session.  

Develop Customized Organizing Solutions that Work for Your Brain

Do you have a physical, emotional, or brain-based condition that

makes it challenging to organize your space and life?

· Have you been trying to organize your space with very little progress?

· Do you want to be more organized, but don't know where to start?

· Can't figure out how everything fits into a particular space?

· Do you want to learn organizing skills that help you manage your belongings?


We will help you assess the situation and develop a customized solution.

Unconventional Organizing Techniques / Processes that Work for You 

Do you have many interests and ongoing projects that clutter your space?

· Do you have a hard time focusing on the task at hand?

· Do you have a hard time making decisions on what to keep or not?

We will partner with you to discover the organizing techniques that work!

Ongoing Organizing Maintenance Support

We provide ongoing support to maintain your organized space.

· We help you develop habits and organizing routine to manage your new              system.  

· Our customized solutions help prevent relapsing.


We have a maintenance program that supports your ongoing efforts to

maintain your space.

Ready to take an action?  Call 847-559-7709 for a complimentary phone assessment. 


Sarah Mayhan, Chicago, IL 

Cannot speak highly enough of Yuzu's patience and professionalism! My husband has ADHD and we have different organizational styles but Yuzu helped us come up with systems that worked for us both. We got organized closets, but as we worked together and cleared the clutter, we also got a sense of moving forward with how we want our home life to be.


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