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Group Coaching

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Turn Chaos to Order with NEATOPIA

"I have a hard time getting started." 

"I have many incomplete projects." 

"My office is such a mess." 

"I am so overwhelmed by all the life's demands." 


These are typical comments I hear from my clients struggling with ADHD and chronic disorganization challenges.


Do they resonate? 

Not attending to these struggles costs you money, adds more stress, drains energy, and impacts well-being.

We create a safe, supportive, and inspiring space to turn your intentions into action. Come join us, won't you? 

Show up perfectly or imperfectly, just one hour a week, and learn to reflect, celebrate, and commit to work on what is important to you. Be ready to be inspired, support others, and experience what it is like to get things done every week after week. 


Research demonstrates that participating in an accountability group has many benefits, such as creating a sense of camaraderie and empathy, gaining different perspectives, providing a structured approach to achieving goals, maintaining consistency, and reinforcing responsibility. Many of my clients need this type of support, and those who joined the group have some positive things to say about it. 

Here are what our participants are saying about the group: 

"I feel it's the first time in my life I'm on track. So thankful to you for starting the group!"  

"I made lots of progress!! Was highly motivated and had such a long list." 

" It is a perfect way for me to get going on the laundry list of things I feel I've neglected over the years."

"This has been so helpful! Can't tell you how buoyed I feel getting so many things done! Very uplifting."  


What you will get by joining the Monthly Accountability Group Coaching 

  • Four 1 hour-long Accountability Sessions with individual coaching 

  • Unlimited Email and text support  

  • Two 2 hour body-double working sessions a month 

  • Maximum 5 people 

  • Organizing & productivity tools and resources 


Fees: $125/month  $350 for three months  

We currently have one group that meets at noon (C.S.T.) on Fridays. 


Each weekly one-hour accountability session is structured as follows: 

  1. Greetings/Share your wins

  2. Individual coaching 

  3. Quick shares on what you have learned

  4. Everyone leaves with one or two agreements/actions they want to take for the upcoming week. 


Coaching + Accountability + Support = Increasing Performance! 

We offer a non-judgmental and safe space for you to experiment, fail, and grow. Try a month and experience if it makes a difference in your life.  

You ARE a good fit for virtual organizing your space...

✅ You are comfortable with using a smartphone and Zoom 

✅ You want to learn organizing/productivity skills 


✅ You are DIYers and need some expert to guide you through the process


✅ You are committed to do work between sessions 


✅ You are open and willing to experiment with new ways of doing things


✅ You need accountability, support, and encouragement to get things done 

You are NOT a good fit for virtual organizing your space...

❌ You don't have a smartphone or computer or can't use Zoom or Facetime.

❌ You Are looking for a shortcut 

❌ You have a physical limitation of moving or carrying things independently, and you don't have anyone to assist you during the one-hour session. 

❌ You are Not Willing to do the work between sessions


❌ You are looking for someone else to organize for you. 


❌ You need to organize or complete a project with a tight deadline 

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