How to Create Inner Peace

-Self-Care Workshop for Women- 

What is self-care?  

Oxford Dictionary defines it as “the practice of taking action to preserve or improve one's own health.”  American Heritage Dictionary says “Self-care is not only an act of kindness toward yourself, but it’s also a necessary component of life now.”  Many studies show how important it is to take care of ourselves, yet, why is it so difficult for us women to pay attention to this “necessary component of life?“


We created "How To Create Inner Peace, a four-part program for women who play multiple roles as a professional, business owner, wife, mother, caregiver, and/or parent of children with complex issues. If you often feel overwhelmed, stuck, or out-of-control, join us to learn critical strategies and skills you can apply now to manage stress, create inner peace, and discover joy and happiness in your life. 


Each session is about 60 min.  Take the first step to attend this life-changing workshop with a friend who can be your accountability partner to start and maintain new, positive, and powerful self-care habits. 


Session 1- Life Balance

Self-care is the key to life balance.  In this session, you will increase awareness of your own self-care needs.   Awareness is the first step for making a change.  We will give you the tools to discover what aspects of your life are in balance, or out of balance.  We will walk through how you can move forward and make small changes to create a balance in your life.  Jim Rohn said, "Your life doesn't get better by chance. It gets better by change." 


Life balance enhances self-confidence and productivity.  Can you imagine what your balanced life would look like? 

Session 2-Connecting with your values

In this session, we will dive into reflection and exploration so that you can start living more intentionally.  Connecting with your values will guide you to your vision and what is important in your life.  If you struggle to answer any of the below questions, you can’t afford not to join us.    


  • What do you really believe?

  • What do you want in your life now and 5 or 10 years from now? 

  • What are your values? 

  • How to create your boundaries?  

Session 3 - Me Time! 


Why do we tend to feel guilty to have our own time?  Why do we very often feel an urge to care for others?  Taking care of yourself and your needs is a critical part of self-care and it is your right, but not a privilege.  Yet, we continue to keep filling our calendars with other people's needs and feel too busy to carve out any time for yourself.  Let's examine this very typical perspective and how we can reframe.  After all, "we cannot drink out of an empty cup."  


Session 4 - Creating Your Future Vision 


In this last session, we will bring together all our learnings, insights, and tools to create a realistic plan to start making small changes that lead to a powerful impact on your life.  We will discuss one of the greatest obstacles for change: ourselves.  Your new self-care plan will Increase energy to cope with daily challenges, and enhance the ability to pursue life purpose.

My powerful ally  


Ellen Corey, MA, CWP, CWA, NBC-HWC, is a board-certified Wellness Coach and she is also a Chief Belief Officer.  You can learn more about Ellen by clicking here www.coachingbycorey.com.  


Ellen and I created this"How To Create Inner Peace," the four-part program to help overworked and overwhelmed women find inner peace, gain more positive energy to cope with daily challenges, and enhance the ability to pursue life purpose. 

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