Managing Too Much Stuff


  • Is your clutter at home and work overwhelming you every day? 

  • Do you keep buying multiple items?  

  • Do you have an excess amount of stuff that prevents you from using a room for the intended purpose? 

  • Do you want to downsize or right-size your home, but too much stuff is causing you anxiety to take action? 

  • ​Do you want to de-clutter your accumulated stuff to save moving expenses? 

Perhaps you are a working mom doing everything you can to support your busy and growing family and manage your workload. You know your clutter at home and work is huge destruction, which adds more stress to your life. Perhaps you are in your retirement and start thinking about moving to a smaller house.  Over the years, however, you have accumulated too much stuff, and de-cluttering seems to be a huge undertaking.  We can support you in simplifying your life.

Family Management Systems

· Do you wish to have a stress-free morning with every family member

  leaving home on time without forgetting anything? 

· Do you want to know when and where you and your kids should be? 

· Do you need to keep track of all the school papers your kids bring and ensure

  they turn them in on time? 

· Do you keep missing events you or your family members need to attend?

· Do you often feel as you forget to do something important? 


We will help you develop a family management system for you and your family!


Hands-On Organizing Services 


Our one-on-one hands-on organizing services are for you if you want to:


· Stop spending time looking for things you need.  

· Reclaim your own space where you can relax and do what you love.

· Eliminate too much stuff that prevents you from being more productive.   

· Build a roadmap that shows you where and how to start organizing.  

Home & Office Decluttering

· Are you stressed out about moving? 

· Are you dreading going through all the belongings you have accumulated over

  the years?

· Does your home need to show greater potential?

· Do you want to start preparing for your big move by deciding what to take (or

  not to take) to your new home and save on moving costs? 

We will help guide you through the de-cluttering process!

Paper Management & Filing Systems

· Are you missing payments because you keep misplacing your bills? 

· Have you accumulated unopened mail for years? 

· Do you know where all essential documents are? 

· Are you overwhelmed by the amount of paper you need to go through for

  your aging parents? 

· Do you keep losing important correspondence, event information, and

  other paperwork your kids bring home from school? 


We can help you figure out a new paper management system!

"We're so happy to have had Yuzu's help these last few months! She has been invaluable in our quest to get better organized and to dig out from all the clutter and excess things we'd accumulated. On my own I found it impossible to do, but with Yuzu's help we were able to clear our home and have designated spaces for each thing, allowing us to maintain order throughout our home. I have found having that kind of system frees me up to be more in the moment and enjoy and manage my life so much better. But my favorite thing about Yuzu is that she listens so well and coaches too. I think I needed that as much as anything, and I'm so thankful to have had that friendly help as we worked together. I hesitated for a long time before committing to an organizer, but it was the best decision I ever made. Thank you Yuzu!!"


- Melanie Medlin, Arlington Hts, IL

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