Tired of wasting time looking for things?  

Overwhelmed with clutter and disorganization in your home?

The ORGANIZING BREAKTHROUGH BLUEPRINT will help you create a plan to cut clutter and kick start your organizing project through a 30-45 minute phone or onsite assessment.  


You will receive a customized Organizing Breakthrough Blueprint via email after your assessment.  You can start your organizing project right away and it is only $75.00.  


The Organizing Breakthrough Blueprint includes:


  • Crystal-clear organizing objectives

  • Current organizing project issues

  • Your desired outcomes

  • An organizing action plan 


PLUS - it uncovers hidden challenges or obstacles that may be sabotaging your organizing success!


This assessment is ideal, if:


  • You can’t find what you are looking for in your pantry or closet 

  • You desperately need to de-clutter your bedroom

  • You wish you could find more space at home instead of renting storage space and paying monthly fees

  • Every time you look at the space, you sigh or feel guilty that you haven’t done anything yet          

Contact today to schedule your Organizing Breakthrough Blueprint Assessment ($75.00) and start your organizing project tomorrow! 

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