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Working with Yuzu has made a huge difference in my life because I've been able to achieve cleaning and organizing goals that I never thought were possible. For the last six years, I've been exploring what kind of Home Organizing services I'd want to use because I knew I needed something. When looking through people in Chicago who did ADHD home organizing, I realized very, very few really specialized in it, and NEATOPIA was the only profile that was very much focused on ADHD home organizing.  


I now feel like my life is so much more organized. And I'm calmer as a result of the work that I've done with Yuzu, and she is honestly my hero, and I cannot recommend her service enough. If you need ADHD-related home organizing, she is the only person you should be calling in the Chicagoland area and possibly beyond.

- Business Owner, Chicago IL

I don't want to waste anyone's time, but Yuzu is seriously the best! I was curious about what a coach could REALLY do. I was skeptical, but she came highly recommended by a colleague and friend. From our first conversation, I felt instantly at ease. She listens intently and always asks the right probing questions to get me toward my goals. She remembers and ties in bits of information I shared from our first conversation that was relevant and important. 
If you want to explore what a coach can do for you, look no further than Yuzu from Neatopia. She will really hear you and help you get to where you want to go.            

- Andrea Kwok, NY 

We're so happy to have had Yuzu's help these last few months! She has been invaluable in our quest to get better organized and to dig out from all the clutter and excess things we'd accumulated. On my own I found it impossible to do, but with Yuzu's help we were able to clear our home and have designated spaces for each thing, allowing us to maintain order throughout our home.


I have found having that kind of system frees me up to be more in the moment and enjoy and manage my life so much better.  But my favorite thing about Yuzu is that she listens so well and coaches too. I think I needed that as much as anything, and I'm so thankful to have had that friendly help as we worked together. I hesitated for a long time before committing to an organizer, but it was the best decision I ever made. Thank you Yuzu!!

- Melanie Medlin, Arlington Hts, IL 

Yuzu is a master coach. She is patient, does deep listening, and demonstrates remarkable compassion. There is never judgment, only an attempt to understand the frustration and challenges and help you to adopt practices and leverage tools to clear your mind, space and organize what matters most to you. Jump at the opportunity to work with Yuzu! I sure am glad I did.

- Tom Rosenak, Evanston, IL

Yuzu was wonderful to work with. My daughter really liked her and accepted many of her suggestions. She helped her organize her entire apartment including, closets, kitchen and drawers as well as furniture placement. She gave her excellent strategies to maintain some level of organization. She worked hand in hand with my daughter through the entire process.


I found Yuzu to be extremely knowledgeable and understanding of young people with ADHD who struggle with organization. She was always very positive and patient with my daughter and gave me good advice on how to continue supporting her organizing efforts.

- Mom of Young Adult with ADHD, Des Plaines, IL

 Yuzu was an excellent virtual coach! Her encouragement and patience helped us "declutter and organize" the bonus room. We are grateful for her help and fortunate to know Yuzu. 

- Dolores Perez Priegnitz, Pleasanton, CA

Yuzu helped transform my house from an unlivable mess into a beautiful, well-organized, highly functional home. I didn't know where to start, but she took charge and, quietly and without judgment, helped sift through the archeological mounds of my life that had accumulated over 25 years, completely transforming my living circumstances.

Yuzu is cheerful, pleasant to work with, and has an instinctive understanding of what needs to be done. I now have control of my house, and I enjoy waking up in my bright, cheery home every day. I recommend Yuzu and Neatopia without hesitation to help anyone that needs assistance in organizing or sorting, large or small.."

- Business Owner, Wilmette, IL

Yuzu Byrne is a wonderful Coach! Very understanding, professional, and knowledgeable. So glad I decided to work with her. I would definitely choose to work with her in the future. If you need an upgrade in your life or something you would like to improve upon, I highly recommend you to call Yuzu.

- Mark in Lake Villa, IL

My wife and I have always struggled to maintain a neat and tidy house, and it was causing a lot of stress in our lives. We felt embarrassed to invite people over, and we couldn't get started cleaning up because everything felt impossible. Yuzu is a saint. Once we made the decision to reach out to her, she responded with friendliness and encouragement. We never felt judged for not having our lives together. She understands that everyone has to start somewhere and that building "chore muscles" takes work. She truly loves her work, and her energy is contagious. Things didn't happen overnight or over a single session, but every session saw improvement and progress. We actively look forward to our sessions with her. Recently, we had a friend come over for some board games. We still have room to improve, but we're already feeling so much freer than we were before we started. 
If you need help getting your home in order but are afraid of what a stranger will think, I can assure you that Yuzu will only see the task as a challenge and never as a moral failing on your part. She won't judge you, but she will help you, and she'll teach you how to help yourself in the process.

- Justin Bladecki, Great Lakes, IL

I strongly recommend Neatopia for home organization and clutter management. We had a full two-bedroom apartment hoarding situation that had built up over many years. With Yuzu's help, and in a very short time, we sorted through clutter in every single room and made the apartment liveable and pleasant. Yuzu has excellent resources to remove trash and take away unwanted items--which were more efficient and economical than the services I had found on my own.


Yuzu is very professional in her business operations, reliable, trustworthy and everything you look for in a person who will comes into your home to organize personal belongings.

- Francis O'Cherony'Archer, Glenview, IL 

 I recently moved during a particularly busy season at work. Yuzu helped me unpack and organize my kitchen, bathroom, and office. I feel so much more at peace now and am able to access everything with ease. Yuzu was professional and attentive. She worked hard and paid close attention to detail about my needs. I highly recommend her services and look forward to working with her again.

- Ameria R Garza-Mattia, Chicago, IL

Insurmountable! was the feeling I had before finding Yuzu… Whether it was one-on-one coaching or simple conversation during an organizing session, Yuzu helped me see that I actually had the answers inside all along but just didn't know it." Either a hands-on organizing or a virtual session, Yuzu provided much of the help, direction, and resources  I needed to see me through to the other side. I couldn't be more grateful!

- Teri, Barrington, IL

I usually panic and cry whenever I organize with someone because it's stressful for me. She made it so wonderful. I never once felt judged. She is firm in the sweetest way. I learned so many tips like if it doesn't fit in the space, reduce it. I let go of so much stuff I never needed. My space is lighter, and so is my heart. The lessons learned go far beyond our decluttering session. Thank you! Looking forward to seeing you soon

- Shaily Hakimian, Chicago, IL

Organizing our home with Yuzu was the most productive thing we've done all year. Yuzu thoughtfully worked with our whole family to declutter and organize in ways we never thought possible. It's allowed us to decompress, relax, and spend more quality time together as a family. We definitely 100% recommend her and hope to have her back in the future!

- Michael, Park Ridge, IL

Yuzu gave two presentations at the North Suburban YMCA entitled “Breaking Up is Hard to Do – De-Cluttering and Feeling Good About It” where she instructed participants about how to “break up” with belongings that are crowding their spaces and with which they have a clinging relationship.  Everyone who attended her presentations gave positive feedback about Yuzu’s gentle, caring approach and thoughtful implementation of the process of getting organized and de-cluttering.


In her discussion, it was clear that she understands that one of the most difficult organizing tasks is parting with belongings with which one has emotional ties and she gave thoughtful suggestions to make parting with those belongings easier.  For example, Yuzu suggested taking a picture of something you’re struggling to let go of and then giving that object to someone whom you care about so that they can develop a relationship with it.  As a result, you de-clutter, you have fond memories and a link to the object and someone else now enjoys it - a win-win all the way around.

- Karen Brownlee, Northbrook, IL 

I was surprised on many levels about how positive my experience was! Yuzu was flexible and worked side by side with a gentle style and analytical approach to get results. She provided strategies, guidance, and motivation to work with and without her presence. I thoroughly enjoyed the education and agreed with her professional view of how to organize different spaces in my home. We also discussed potential obstacles, solutions, common traps to avoid, and what space I could potentially improve in the future. However, the most helpful information I received was her observation on specific areas I was struggling, and it was a wake-up call for me to explore. It has been a big win to get this new perspective to help me take steps to adjust and reset my expectations.


This experience has changed not only my space but also my outlook, attitude, confidence, and self-discipline. Family and friends seem to notice many changes created in short order. It has been life-changing I did not shop around. I did not check references. Sincerely believe I hit the lottery. It was painless because she's so lovely and organized. Just being around gave me a sense of peace. Reach out, and do not hesitate. She is amazing.

- Frances, Northbrook, IL

During a home remodeling project, my office became cluttered and disorganized. I was overwhelmed trying to get it cleaned up and contacted Yuzu Sasaki Byrne of Neatopia for assistance. From the moment I talked with Yuzu, I felt calmer and less overwhelmed. Yuzu took the time to really understand my situation and what I needed to do. Before we began the organizing project, Yuzu provided an organizing blueprint for us to follow. While working on my office Yuzu was patient, non-judgemental and professional.


She made the process smooth and simple. Her quiet persistence and expertise resulted in an organized office with some new systems to help me keep it that way. If you are struggling to get your home or office organized, I highly recommend Yuzu and Neatopia.

- Victoria Cook, Cary, IL

I cannot speak highly enough of Yuzu's patience and professionalism! My husband has ADHD and we have different organizational styles but Yuzu helped us come up with systems that worked for us both. We got organized closets, but as we worked together and cleared the clutter, we also got a sense of moving forward with how we want our home life to be..

- Sarah Mahan, Chicago, IL  

I have known Yuzu for several years and have found her to be extremely knowledgeable about all things related to organizing. She's easy to work with, a terrific problem-solver, and has a calming influence in potentially intimidating circumstances. I have recommended her, to my dearest friends, because I trust her implicitly. 

- Sarahjoy Pickholtz, IL

Yuzu helped me organize our office in the basement.  I had a general idea about what’s in the office but things were scattered around the office and I started to feel stressed out about the increasing amount of clutter.  Yuzu taught me some organizing techniques that I can use to manage clutter.   I have a huge collection of books and I can now find any books I want or need.  She even made some room to place family photos and flowers throughout the office. I now look forward to going down to the office.  The biggest benefit was that in a short period of time, we were able to create an organizing system where everything I need has a home and that it is easy to maintain.  Thank you for transforming what I felt like a storage room into a beautiful functional office.

- Fusayo Errico, Deerfield, IL

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