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Virtual  Organizing Services

There are many reasons to consider virtual organizing! It is a safer option to collaborate with an organizing and productivity expert. It is also easier to schedule one hour of your time and more economical.  Using your computer, phone, or tablet, we work on a realistic and attainable project one week at a time.   These short, focused, manageable sessions can be an excellent fit for people with ADHD and chronic disorganization challenges.  

Are you a good candidate for Virtual Organizing?  





Ask yourself these questions below:

You are a DIYer, are good at working on your own, and you have no physical limitations to move and carry your things and piles in your space.  

You are motivated to build positive organizing skills and habits and committed to doing your homework in between sessions. 

You feel comfortable using a video conferencing method or apps like Zoom, Skype, or Facetime.

You are ok with taking snapshots of your space to share before our meetings. Or better yet, using a phone or tablet with a camera to assess various parts of your home.

You have a specific organizing or productivity project to complete and need an expert to guide you through the process.


Image by Sincerely Media
Mother and Daughter

Your Virtual  Trial  Session

The two experiment sessions are one hour each, leaving you without any commitment or obligation for only $175.


 We will develop a plan for your project, identify resources you need, and provide expertise, accountability, and support to start the process!    


Virtual organizing helps you build organizing skills and muscle, get expert support, and gain more confidence in your ability to create a space you always want to have.   

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